Congratulations to DR. SLABISAK, DR. STANLEY, & DR. BANERJEE for being 2023 TOP DOCS in Living Well Magazine! DR. BANERJEE and DR. HONG were named the BEST DOCTORS of Collin County 2023 by D Magazine!

Physical Therapy


North Texas Orthopaedic & Spine is dedicated to streamlining the recovery journey of our patients, ensuring a seamless and comprehensive approach to patient rehabilitation. After seeing excellent post-operative and non-invasive outcomes and receiving positive patient feedback from Plano, Texas based physical therapist Daniel Kaminski and his staff, the providers at NTOS reached an agreement to embark on making physical therapy a part of the NTOS scope of practice in 2023.


By pooling the expertise and resources of orthopedic and spine specialists in collaboration with physical therapists, it is our mission to  optimize patient recovery, expedite rehabilitation progress, and tailor individualized treatment plans. Embracing a patient-centered approach, this partnership seeks to empower patients with a well-rounded support system, ultimately improving the standard of orthopedic care and cultivating a holistic healing experience.


Physical therapy is often an essential component to optimizing outcomes with post-op recovery, but can also be effective in treating a wide range of musculoskeletal problems and injuries without the need for surgery. Our physical therapists are trained healthcare professionals who specialize in helping individuals regain movement, improve strength, flexibility, and manage pain through targeted exercises, manual therapy techniques, and other modalities. 


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