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An ankle sprain isn’t a break, but it sure can feel like it. If you sprain your ankle, it’s important to stay off it, and then get help from the experts at North Texas Orthopaedic & Spine so you can recover as fast as possible. Use the online scheduling tool anytime or call the office nearest you to make your appointment for ankle sprain help today. North Texas Orthopaedic & Spine serves patients in Plano, Fort Worth, Duncanville, Allen, and the Dallas communities of South Hampton.

Ankle Sprain Q & A

What is an ankle sprain?

An ankle sprain is an injury that happens when you put too much force on your ankle or move your ankle in an unnatural way. Most ankle sprains happen in accidents or during sports.

With unusual pressure or motion on your ankle, your ligaments get stretched too far, and that causes partial or even total tears. There are three grades of ankle sprains.

  • Grade 1: Mild ligament microtears that cause minor discomfort and swelling
  • Grade 2: Partial ligament tear that causes moderate pain and swelling
  • Grade 3: Total ligament tear that causes severe swelling and pain

If you have any of these symptoms, don't push yourself. Get off your ankle as soon as possible.

When do I need to get treatment for a sprained ankle?

Sometimes, mild ankle sprains don't require treatment. A day or two of rest, ice, and elevation may be enough to restore you to 100% wellness. But, if your ankle is severely swollen, bruised, and you can't put any weight on it, you need to see your North Texas Orthopaedic & Spine doctor right away.

What is the treatment for an ankle sprain?

Your treatment depends on the severity of the sprain and the effect it's having on your life. The team of doctors at North Texas Orthopaedic & Spine personalizes treatments. Your doctor may prescribe immobilization using wraps, compression bandages, or a walking cast. This can prevent you from further damaging the ligaments and allow them time to heal.

If you're having pain that's not relieved with over-the-counter medication, your doctor may prescribe a stronger anti-inflammatory or pain reliever drug for short term use. Ice application at home can also be quite helpful in reducing swelling and pain.

It's rare to need surgical correction for an ankle sprain, but in some cases, a torn ligament doesn't heal properly on its own. Your North Texas Orthopaedic & Spine doctor will monitor your healing and can perform a surgical repair if you need it in the future.

No matter what your treatment plan looks like, it's important to return to full activity only after healing of your ankle is complete.

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